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    Shipping & Returns

    Sale Clothing, Shoes, Caps, Bags Online For Men:

    Please do not use the return items shoe box as the shipping packaging. In order to resell it, we need the original packaging to be intact. Returned items in marked or damaged shoe boxes may be refused by the post office or our warehouse. To avoid this, place your return item in a box or wrap it to ensure its safety during the shipping process. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    We will ship your new order immediately, reducing wait time for replacement items. Once we receive and process your return, we will issue an immediate credit.

    As all of our lamps are hand-sewn and customized, the finished gown may vary by approximately one inch in either direction of the specified measurements. To ensure that your products will fit you perfectly, our tailors have reserved additional fabric in the seams to allow minor modifications.